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Are you overwhelmed by your belongings?

Do you feel out of your depths with how to get organized?

Is your home creating stress, instead of being restful?

“Yes to all of the above!”

It is totally normal to feel overwhelmed, but getting organized doesn’t have to be stressful!

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Suzanne is one of the best things to ever happen to me! As a naturally messy person cleaning my room has been an impossible chore. It used to take me two days. Now it takes me two hours because everything has a place to go. I’m having her set up my classroom too. If you need a professional organizer Suzanne is the one to call.


Being organized and tackling huge projects by breaking them into bite sized pieces (instead of worrying & procrastinating) is one of the most useful life skill I’ve learned. So I knew I needed just a little help orchestrating all the stuff I have to do the last few weeks before I move.

Thank you to Suzanne for the consult where we mapped out everything on the calendar two weeks ago.

I leave Austin two weeks from tomorrow, but because all my tasks and to-do lists have been mapped out ahead of time, there is no sense of anxiety or overwhelm. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve never had my sh*t THIS together before!

Absolutely priceless, the peace of mind being this organized has brought to a big life transition! Highly recommend her services to anyone in Austin going through a big life transition, or just wanting to create more structure & flow to support your busy life.


Suzanne is literally, a life changer!  I am naturally a messy person; I’m interested in many things, and read about everything—and, never seem to get around to putting my reads away. This changed after Suzanne organized my bedroom. Suzanne worked tirelessly, helping me to see better ways to organize my STACKS and STACKS of just stuff/reading materials; the peace that results with everything in its place is inspirational and creates its own peaceful feeling.  This has been such an inspirational experience for me, I’m positive I’ll have Suzanne help me with the rest of my home. We need such a service she provides here!


Suzanne has excellent professional and organization skills. She has done a remarkable job organizing my closet and also setting me up a filing system. I had become so discouraged and frustrated trying year after year to clean and organize my closet. I needed directions. I tried over and over, but my efforts never got to the level of what Suzanne did. She helped relieve so much stress off me. I am so satisfied! It’s over a month now and even now when I walk in my closet, I could cry tears of joy! Everything is in its place. The file system is so simple, but perfect for me. My kids think i will not keep it clean and organized, but i am determined to keep it organized. Walking into a non-cluttered and organized closet makes me feel so good!!! I would recommend Suzanne to everyone. You are welcome to ask me. I am completely satisfied and happy.


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