Website Design

As a professional organizer (I was one for three years), I joined the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and my local chapter. While in Austin, I joined the Board of Directors as the Director of Marketing.

After a few months, I gained access to the chapter website which is built off Wild Apricot membership software and gave the site a major facelift.

Most NAPO chapters use Wild Apricot with varying levels of success, so it was fun see where I could go with NAPO Austin’s website. 

The site is!

NAPO Austin Before

The website had a natural paper looking background with dark colors – navy and dark grey – and had a lot of writing and no pictures. It didn’t have a blog, social media links, or much in the way of member or client engagement. The theme seemed to be the issue with a lot of the frustrations, but with some hard work, I learned how to make that theme work for us.

NAPO Austin After

The website looks totally different. Thankfully so! What I did:

  • Color! I used the color palette to it’s fullest
  • Changed the background to solid white
  • Added a chapter blog and social media links
  • Used widgets to display members and associate members more – great exposure
  • Created a rotating header with announcements and ways to get involved with the chapter
  • Simplified the menu by condensing the primary menu
  • Added more resources for our organizers and the community
  • Included an alphabetical directory
  • Redesigned the home page to include NAPO Austin Notables, a featured library item, big events, and event sponsors
  • Removed large blocks of text for individual modules
  • Added photos that reflect the chapter’s personality

The site is much more engaging and reflective of the cheerful, supportive, and professional nature of the chapter.