Website Design

In the summer of 2015, I decided to rebrand my professional organizing business. I changed the name – which is quite difficult to change with the IRS, so just be aware – change my logo, updated colors and images.

It was exciting and difficult.

Organizing Branding

I had to spend a lot of time thinking about branding. I wanted my business to be authentically me and also focused on my ideal organizing clients – how I communicated me and my business to them. Everything – color, font, pictures, wording – focused on reaching my clients.

I consulted feng shui and what colors communicated the values I wanted represented in my business and decided on a cobalt blue, black, white, and grey. (Yes, they are the same as this website, I just love the clean and professional look of them together!).

Website Features

This website sung and danced! I had:

  • A great infographic freebie that signed up interested people into my mail list
  • An EPS (Mailchimp) mail list with automated introductory emails
  • Segmented email lists for targeted email newsletters
  • A blog with information, product reviews, videos, how tos, and before and afters
  • Fabulous testimonials from amazing clients
  • Lovely photos that I took 
  • Pages reflecting my various services
  • Social media links
  • An online calendar in which clients can book sessions
  • A media page with all the info needed for speaking engagements
  • Pop-ups that encouraged clients to grab the freebie