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Organizing Basics

In this presentation, I cover the five steps of organizing or the “method to my madness.” Depending on the type of group you have and the time allotted, I will tailor and fill the presentation with helpful tips, funny stories, and loads of encouragement to get your organizing project accomplished!


English House Mentality for Texas Sized Homes

I lived in England for several years and Downton Abby style homes are the exception, not the rule! Space is precious in Europe and I learned from living in some very small homes or homes with no closets how to live simply. Hence, in this session, I discuss changing habits – both thinking and physical –  to live more simply and maximize your space.


Organizing Toward Health

Health is much more broad than your physical health, but when your body votes “no,” every other aspect of your life is affected. During this presentation, I talk about how organizing can boost your health as well as give you simple, positive steps for organizing that benefit your overall health.


Organizing During Transitions

Many time individuals and families contact an organizer to help during transitional times of life. I speak to groups about the following transitions:

  • Organizing Academics (and life) for College Students
  • Organizing Research for Post-graduate Students
  • Merging Households
  • Downsizing During Divorce
  • Organizing for Empty Nesters
  • Organizing with Disabilities and Illnesses
  • Downsizing for Seniors

Job's Chaos & God's Presence

God is a God of orderly spinning galaxies and messy children’s finger paintings and in all of it – God is there. With this session, I speak with groups about managing your chaos to carve out time for your spiritual life, so the beautiful messy bits don’t overwhelm the orderly aspects of your life.


Healing Spaces

For this presentation, I bring case studies of places and I discuss with the group how each place can be crafted to be a place of rest and healing. The case studies can focus on specific types of places or spaces depending on your group, such as taking a “blah” room and making it a quiet, restful space.

Interactive Speaking and Workshops


I have heard many care givers express exhaustion, anxiety, fear, helplessness, and loneliness while caring for someone they love. You might feel much the same and that is okay. During this presentation, I work closely with groups to find ways to care for yourself  – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


“No naps!” the physical therapist said, “The more you sleep, the weaker you’ll get!” Begrudgingly, I complied and realized, she was right. When I scheduled my day and my hours, giving myself tasks and time frames, I accomplished more, slept less, and grew stronger. In this session, I use graded activity models for increasing your activity and time management techniques to ultimately boost your productivity.